Learn to Foil

Course Information

This course gives you everything you need to enter the world of dinghy foiling, without the pain. This course is managed by you the sailor and with your instructors guidance we will ensure you get what you came for. It can teach you anything from launching and landing a foiling boat to maintaining flight over the water. Over a 3 day period you can learn how a boat works, pre-flight checks and how to foil. Once your instructor has got you foiling they will then guide you on which boats are best for you and get you sailing in them. This gives you the chance to experience the best dinghy foiling fleet available, in the best location. Since 2009 we have developed the best foiling tuition available always focused on the sailor and the sailing, utilising the most modern coaching techniques such as BBtalkin headsets.

Assumed Pre-Course Ability

Can sail a laser or similar boat confidently.


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