One of the original Foiling Moths, the Bladerider was our original teaching boat. This Bladerider, although not in production any more, is still a favourite amongst some of our more experienced sailors. It's a little more twitchy than our other boats once foiling, but with its powerful rig it pops up reasonably easily in stronger winds. For people wanting to get into the Moth fleet there is no better starter boat for them to learn in. This boat gives our clients the chance to learn in a powerful Moth but without fear of the delicate nature of todays Moths.

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White Formula

The White Formula, Whisper is one of our favourite boats due to the fact that we can use it in both light and strong winds. It also gives our foilers the chance to get foiling with or without an instructor on board. In light airs we can pop the spinnaker up and it will foil in as little as 8 knots. Whilst learning to get foiling you can feel comfortable on the stable platform that this catamaran offers and you have the choice of trapezing or not. Once up on the foils it's happy to stay up there and cruise along steadily.

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This one design foiling boat is perfect for the lighter weight sailors in strong winds. Once foiling, the Waszp is very forgiving for a Moth and the controls are relatively easy to set. It has a large, international fleet so we have a lot of new foilers looking to step up into racing foiling boats, starting out with us. You can purchase two rig sizes which means the size of the sailor and wind can be varied. If you are a lighter weight sailor looking to develop into foiling or coming out of the youth classes, our Waszp will be the perfect start for you.

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Foiling World

The F101 was developed here at Provela using everything we had learnt from teaching foiling. The Trimaran is capable of foiling in as little as 6 knots but due to its three hulls it is nearly impossible to capsize. Whilst not foiling, the hulls keep you floating very easily so you can rest while planning your next stage of foiling. Being the home of the F101 Tribe, we are proud to say that this is our entry level foiler for all abilities and sizes. The systems put in place mean our clients can easily adjust the settings, including ride height during sailing.

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When we started teaching foiling in 2009 we quickly realised the need for some more modern teaching techniques. Looking at other sports, such as snowboarding, we quickly turned to headsets which keep our Dinghy Foiling Instructors in touch at all times with their trainee foilers. After trying a few sets we committed to BBTalkin due to their sets' durability and ease of use. We attach them to helmets for two way conversations which means the foiler can give feedback whilst the instructor concentrates on getting the foiler to the highest level possible.

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Forward WIP


At Provela we promise our guests the best equipment in the best location. With the partnership and support from Forward WIP we can ensure our guests have a fully immersive foiling experience. Not only sailing the best equipment but wearing it to. Forward WIP are clearly the market leaders in clothing and equipment for Foiling and our aims are the same, we want to deliver a high end product, at the forefront of the sport, that is fit for purpose.

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Our foiling coaches have over 8 years experience in coaching and training instructors. Provela foiling instructors are at the forefront of getting you foiling fast.


We have a extensive range of the best foiling dinghy, including the Foiling Worlds F101 which is a great boat to "Learn to Fly"


Our high performance centre of excellence is in our opinion un-equalled in all of Europe, with over 170 square kilometres of lagoon, the Mar Menor is a unique sailing venue.