January 27th 2021 to April 6th 2021




Foilfest is Europes Winter Foiling Camp, a 10 week club for all classes of dinghy foilers. It runs from the start of every year offering like-minded dinghy foilers of all levels the chance to sail through the winter. You can utilize all the facilities and go foiling in winter, however, it fits with your schedule, as it is only a 2hr (flight) commute from more major European Airports. Provela is open 7 days a week and will organize everything from beach clinics before sailing, courses for practice to mini race events. All with the comfort that safety cover will always be on the water when you are foiling and our supportive team will be there when you return.




The Program

We believe the sailors should lead the program. The group onsite will determine what the plan is for the day whether that is a training course, race event, or beach clinic they want. Every morning there will be one of our foiling coaches onsite to work with you on, boat set up, and maneuvers before you go afloat in a free beach clinic.




What You Get

*available for a supplement and subject to availability